Bay Area Cupcakeries

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A simple tutorial podcast on how to make cream cheese frosting! Continue reading

C-C-Caramel Frosting

The other day while I was watching T.V. a Milky Way commercial came on. “A swimming pool filled with caramel? Not as good as chocolate filled with caramel.” And as silly as that sounds, it made me crave caramel so badly. Continue reading

Pink and Yellow

Ever since the Wiz Khalifa song came out, all I’ve been reading over twitter and facebook is “Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow.” Well, you know what? Pink and Yellow is better! Continue reading

Gosh, Ganache!

Cant figure out what to top your plain old cupcakes with? Don’t have time to make a fancy frosting? Continue reading

An Unexpected Delight

Yesterday when I got off work I stopped by the Nordstrom’s Cafe to get a cup of water. As I was standing in line I checked out the baked good they had displayed and I noticed some cupcakes that looked lonely. Continue reading

Fall in love with Loves

Here in San Jose right next to our very own SJSU is a delicious cupcakery called Loves Cupcakes! A mom and pop type of hole in the wall, which are my favorite types of eateries only because you know that everything they serve you is made with that home cooked goodness. Continue reading