Stephanie-Faith Isip Benjamin is a current full-time student at San Jose State University. Pursuing her degree in Communication Studies she has no official plans on which field of career she will be a part of, however she hopes to pursue something that will help others as well as something that she will enjoy.

She graduated from Angelo Rodriguez High School, where she was Vice President and Publicist of the K.I.D.S. Club concentrating in helping unfortunate kids in the local areas around her hometown Fairfield, CA. Through this club she used her knowledge of Photoshop to create fliers and ads to promote their club and their events. The success of K.I.D.S. was able to raise a couple hundred dollars to a local adoption center through a bake sale that Stephanie co-organized and advertised.

During her sophomore year in high school she participated in a missions trip that flew her youth group to New Orleans, LA to help and aid victims of the Katrina Hurricane. For two weeks she and her youth group fed the homeless countless times, gardened new flowers and other plants at a non-profit organization home for youth groups all over the globe, and gutted out an entire house with the help of other neighboring organizations.

Currently Stephanie is figuring out what she wants to pursue in life, hopefully with the classes she is taking at San Jose State, she will find something she is passionate about.


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