Gosh, Ganache!

Cant figure out what to top your plain old cupcakes with? Don’t have time to make a fancy frosting?Have no fear! Ganache is the perfect solution! Simple and easy to make, yet mouth watering and sweet-tooth satisfying. It only takes a few minutes to make and a few seconds to devour.

All you need are some chocolate chips (I prefer milk chocolate, but semi-sweet or dark is fine to use as well!) and some heavy cream. Melt the chocolate chips, and you can do this by either using a double-boiler or by just simply nuking them in the microwave until they are almost completely melted. Key word is almost. The trick is not to melt them all the way. Add the heavy cream and whip until everything is mixed well together and you can’t see any lumps. The more you mix, the better. Set it aside, or even place it in the fridge, and let it firm up. Dollop it on top of a cupcake and you’re set! Or, another option is to just dip the cupcake while the ganache isn’t too firm, and then the ganache will firm up once it’s on the cupcake.

It’s that simple! Enjoy (:


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