An Unexpected Delight

Yesterday when I got off work I stopped by the Nordstrom’s Cafe to get a cup of water. As I was standing in line I checked out the baked good they had displayed and I noticed some cupcakes that looked lonely.Of course I couldn’t resist, so I got two Red Velvets, but before I bought them I had to make sure they had cream cheese frosting on top, and the barista said that they did. So I bought them for my boyfriend and I to enjoy. I didn’t expect much since they weren’t from a specialty bake shop and it was merely just a small coffee station. However I really enjoyed this cupcake. Though I did find it a little dry, the frosting made up for it. I don’t really expect good tasting frosting from non-specialty bake shops, they’re usually not made from scratch or they just taste plain. But this cupcake was frosted with flavorful cream cheese frosting with the just right amount too. I was happy with this pick and I’ll definitely try their other flavors on my lunch breaks more often.


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