Fall in love with Loves

Here in San Jose right next to our very own SJSU is a delicious cupcakery called Loves Cupcakes! A mom and pop type of hole in the wall, which are my favorite types of eateries only because you know that everything they serve you is made with that home cooked goodness.

This cupcakery is definitely one of those type of bake shops. A family owned business that appreciates quality over quantity baking in small amounts so that there are always fresh cupcakes available for their loyal customers. Also, appreciating what’s local is what they do. Using ingredients from local farmers markets and grabbing only what’s fresh, and you can tell once you bite into one of their creations.

One of my personal favorites here is their Black & Whites. Even though my favorite cupcakes in the world are Red Velvets, these Black & Whites are out of the ballpark and blast your mouth with chocolate flavor. Belgian chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache on top, oh and you can’t forget that this cupcake has a cheesecake center. It’s to die for.

Loves Cupcakes is located at the corner of 3rd Street and E. San Fernando, a short walk from San Jose State. A perfect place for students to take a study break and reward themselves with a little treat.

Though this is a walk-in bake shop, Loves also takes orders by the bulk, perfect for celebrating special occasions. Be sure to check out Loves and try their daily flavors!


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