Cup of Tea? Tea-Cakes!

Teacake Bake Shop is probably one of my favorite cupcakeries. With daily specials ranging from pumpkin cupcakes topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting to chocolate sour cream cupcakes topped with chocolate butter cream frosting, their cupcakes definitely do the job of satisfying your cupcake craving.The other day, my boyfriend and I had brunch in Burlingame at Stacks. A great breakfast and lunch spot located in a cute shopping row filled with bistros, boutiques, and more bakeries. A short distance from Stacks was Teacake as well as a Peets Coffee Shop. We stopped by to get a couple Pink Velvet Cupcakes along with our Caramel Freddos. A great combination as the Pink Velvets topped with creamy cream cheese frosting complimented the sweet coffee drink. My favorite thing about Teacake is that their cupcakes are always baked daily, and we got there just in time for fresh cupcakes. Also, cream cheese frosting is a favorite of mine, and Teacake definitely takes the trophy for best cream cheese frosting, always creamy, firm, and just the right amount on each cupcake.

Be sure to stop by a Teacake Bake Shop, there are four locations: Emeryville, Lafayette, Corte Madera and Burlingame!


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